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About S.A.K.F.A


S.A.K.F.A. Mission Statement

To promote and foster kite flying in South Africa.

To promote kite flying as a recognized sport in South Africa.

To promote safety in kiting.

To establish international links with other Kite Bodies

Public Liability Insurance

On the insurance front, the SAKFA public liability policy has lapsed and we are unable to afford to renew it unless the considerable cost is shared among the members. ALL KITE FLYERS ARE ADVISED TO ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE COVER. Most personal and householder policies make provision for this, but you must make sure that you're covered for kite flying.

Quarterly Newsletter

An attempt is made to provide the members with a quarterly newsletter, SA Kiting. The Newsletter provides the members with news of past and future kiting events in South Africa, material for the newsletter is normally supplied by enthusiasts around the country.

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