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Rec kites

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Peter Peters (One of the most comprehensive kite sites on the web)

KiteRing Connects People
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Want to join the KiteRing Connects People?

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STACK (Sport Team and Competitive Kiting)

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The Kite Web


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Power Kiting in South Africa

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Kites Classified Page

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Kite Life (The Internet Magazine for Kites)

Dodd Gross (Dodd's site)

Dicky's Home Page (Richard Nourse, Poole Kite Fliers from Dorset (UK South Coast)

Kite Craft (Japie Niemand's site)

Kite Trade International

Kite Passion  (International Kite Magazine)

KOSA (Kites over South Africa by David Forsyth)

Reed Design    (STACK maneuvers, Animated)

Kite Paradise (by Detlef Beyer a wealth of kite related links)

Adresses de sitesWWWsur les cerfs-volants (French links site)

Doldrums Kite Club (Kite club in Gauteng - South Africa)

Kite pictures by Leon von Moltke

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